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A list of some frequently asked questions about the builder.

I can only see one background, the Acolyte. Is this a bug?
No, this is not a bug. The Acolyte is the only background in the System Reference Document that is bundled with the character builder. You can create or import a background and additional content for the builder, take a look at the support menu, especially the additional content section.
Is there tooling to create custom content?
No, not yet. The first tools to help you create content will come after v1.0 is released. Although, a lot of content can be created with a text editor already.
Where can I find more content that already has been created?
Under the support menu are various ways listed to add and obtain more content.
Is the info section that is at the top of the examples required?
No, it's used for keeping the content files up to date in the builder. You can leave it out for your own homebrew.
There seems to be an issue with displaying some icons on early versions of Windows 7, how can I fix this?
You can install the Segoe UI Symbol font to make it display correct. These icons will slowly be replaced so that this is no longer required.
Will this still be free when the v1.0 is released?
I love the project, can i make a direct donation using PayPal instead of Patreon?
You can now. Thank you for your support!