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Additional Content

In this section you will find guidance to extend the builder without creating content yourself. You will also find several links to examples of the elements that add new things or expand upon the existing builder content. You can look at these examples to get an idea how to create your own custom content. Alternatively, you can request content from those who already make content.


A public GitHub repository with additional content can be found here. Follow the instructions in the repository to include this content in the builder.

Elements Repository

Project Board

At the repository you can also find a project board that displays content requests, what's being worked on, and what's recently been added. When you want to request a race, class, background, or anything else you'd like to see added, you can open an issue on the repository requesting it. Someone else might be able to create it for you.

Be sure to Watch and Star the repository to keep an eye on fixes and newly added content though notifications.


A list of examples of existing content that will give you an idea of what's possible to create. When you're looking how to implement a certain feature of your class, such as the option to select a Fighting Style, take a look at how it's done with classes that you know of that have this feature too.

The various examples also contain other examples such as racials traits, class features, multiclassing requirements, a language and fighting style selection, ability score increases, and more.


Dryads resemble highly humanoid beings only made out of smooth, brown-green wood, and with grass and leaves for hair.
Appearances rarely share the whole truth.

Sub Race

Rune Dwarf
Rune dwarfs, also known as Ruhn Kadan are Dwarfs gifted by the gods with the mark of rune.
Firebeard Dwarf
A mysterious race, nobody knows the origin of the firebeard dwarves' powers.


Blood Hunter
A hunter that sacrifices his own vitality and humanity to protect the realms.


Order of the Lycan
Of the many terrible curses that plague the realm, few are as ancient or as feared Lycanthropy.
Grove Knight
The grove knight is interested in protecting the woods at all costs.
Blood Domain
Originally developed in Wildemount by the Claret Orders, the Blood domain centers around the understanding of the natural life force within one’s own physical body.


You have studied the myriad illnesses and ailments of the mortal body as well as the treatments for each.
All your life you have found Necromancers, Hags, Fiendish Warlocks and all other practitioners of evil magic abhorrent.
Clasp Member
Whether you grew up in the slum-run streets of Kymal bamboozling foolish gamblers out of their fortune, or spent your youth pilfering loose coin from the pockets of the less-attentive travelers throughout Emon, your lifestyle of deceiving-to-survive eventually drew the attention of the Clasp: the most organized, and dangerous, crime syndicate across Tal’Dorei.

Other Elements

Blademaster (Feat)
You are one with the blade, performing feats of swordsmanship others find impossible.
Astral Barrier (Cantrip)
As you notice an attack heading towards you a Shield of Astral Energy forms between you and your attacker adding extra resistance to the weapon swing.
Armor of Othrys (Spell)
The creature you touch glows with an aura that resembles moving spectral magma, creating an ablative shield.

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A collection of authors with their reserved abbreviations used in element id's. You should avoid using these abbreviations when creating your own custom content.

When you create your own content you should also include a small abbreviation of the author to avoid duplicates. This way you can also create your own version of existing content without it overriding the existing content itself.

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