what's new in version 1.19.308?

Patch 1.19.308

  • Added 'Clear' button to the additional content tab to remove potential old content files easier. You can run the update again afterwards to get the most recent content.
This build should hopefully fix some issues creating and loading characters that some have experienced.

Version 1.19.305

A new version of the Aurora Builder Preview is now available for download. This version includes a number of changes to statistics, groups for your characters, and various bug and description fixes.

Various Improvements

  • Several missing feature descriptions have been added and a significant number of descriptions have been updated and corrected.
  • You can now groups your character collection. By default your characters are placed in the 'Characters' group. You can save a character to a group from the save window or by clicking the button with the pencil after selecting it on the start screen. You can select an existing group from the list or enter a new name.
  • Item packs such as the Explorer's Pack can now be extracted into the individual items. When selecting one of these packs a button will become available to extract these items.
  • The default maximum of 20 for ability scores is now enabled, this can still be increased by certain features or items. When you exceed your maximum for an ability score it will display a message above the ability score in the build tab. (This can be turned off in settings to allow exceeding the maximum)
  • Added ability selection option for attacks to automatically calculate the attack and damage with any of the 6 abilities.
  • Fix for incorrect loading of manually changed attack information on automatically calculated attacks.
  • Firearms can now be calculated automatically without the use of a workaround.
  • Fix for calculating Armor Class when using multiple features such as Unarmored Defense and Natural Armor.
  • When not wearing armor, the armor section on the sheet will display the current calculation for your Armor Class, for example Unarmored Defense (Monk) or Natural Armor (Lizardfolk)
  • Additional AC bonus from items such as a Cloak of Protection will be displayed in the Armor Class section on the sheet.
  • Features & Traits can now display some additional usage information on the sheet after their name such as the type of action and the number of times you can use it / short or long rest.
  • Fix for combining same hit die sizes on the sheet from different classes.
  • The number of attacks you have / attack action is added and displayed above the attacks section next to your initiative.
  • When selecting a background variant, it will now correctly display the name of the variant on the character sheet.
  • Fix for the character portrait not being displayed when viewing the PDF in a some browsers.
  • Fix for recalculating your statistics when switching ability scores around using drag 'n drop.
  • Regarding configuration errors: the builder will perform a check at the start of the application to verify if your user configuration settings file is in order. When it detects an error it can try to resolve the issue for you so the builder can restart with default settings. (This should hopefully prevent some configuration errors that forced users to remove the user settings manually.)
Breaking Change: if you have created homebrew files to extend the builder they might require updates to statistic rules. Learn More...

Preview Version 1.19.308

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Patch 1.19.130

  • Fix for duplicated spells in selection after extending the spelllist.
  • Ability description fix for the Nature skill on character sheet.
  • Additional treasure field added to background page until dedicated equipment page gets implemented.
  • Include table in spellcard description.
  • Potential fix for crash loading the main screen.

Version 1.19.118

A new version of the Aurora Builder Preview is now available for download. This version includes a dark theme, character sheet improvements, source restrictions, bugfixes and more.

Various Improvements

  • Introducing a dark theme.
  • Character sheet improvements that include a new details page, updated background page, and a new spellcasting page.
  • Updated spell and item cards, also includes new attack and feature cards.
  • Reduced loading time for additional content.
  • Implemented companion type for Beast Master (Ranger).
  • Implemented galleries for the companion portrait and organizations symbols.
  • Added a button to randomize a trinket from the list.
  • Manage your background feature and description from the 'Manage > Backstory' tab. Includes a dedicated section on the background page of the new sheet.
  • Manage attacks that are displayed on the details page of the new sheet.
  • Your weapon attack and damage bonus are calculated for you when adding them from the inventory to the new attacks section.
  • Restrict sources for your character from the new 'Start > Sources' tab. You can for example exlude all playtest material like Unearthed Arcana or simple restrict all third-party and homebrew content when you want to create a character with only official content.
  • Additional content will now be updated automaticaly in the background at startup. (can be turned off in settings)

Character Sheet

This update includes a first version of the new character sheet. It is trailored to fit the needs of the application and will be improved upon over time.

Various things can now be added to the sheet such as a place for the deity, gender, equipped armor/shield, your fly/climb/swim speeds, improved attacks section, background feature, more space for features & traits, and more.

The new spellcasting page is build dynamically now in an attempt to improve the space available which otherwise might be wasted on lower levels. A multiclass spellcaster can have both spellcasting sections displayed on a single page for example. And a level 5 cleric who prepares spells can have all non-prepared spells displayed if he or she wants.

Formatting of the features has also returned and will style the section for improved readability. The name of the feature is bold to stand out from the description. In the case of characters with a lot of features the fontsize will scale down to fit the area. (this recommended feature is turned on by default but can be turned off in the settings). Other area's where the content can be changed from within the builder might also benefit from this styling.

While the character sheet is undergoing these changes the old spellcasting page is still available should you prefer it at the moment. You can find various options for the sheet and its content in the application settings.

1st-level spells you chose with the Wizard class have to be re-selected.

Patch 1.18.821

This patch includes an implementation for relearning spells at higher levels for a number of classes that allow it.

When using custom files, update them to enable this on the classes.

Version 1.18.817

A new version of the Aurora Builder Preview is now available for download. This version includes a number of bugfixes and an equipment section overhaul.

Some items you previously added to your inventory might not show up and require you to add them manually again. For example the ammuntion packs of 20 have been replaced with single pieces of stackable ammunition.

Various Improvements

  • Added setting to change the root folder where your characters, portraits, and custom files are stored.
  • You can now save your character to different locations, e.g. the desktop. You can double click a character file from anywhere to open the character and the builder will remember this location and it will be displayed in your collection the next time you launch the builder.
  • Fix for adding spellcards for prepared spells.
  • Fix for calculating saving throw misc statistics.
  • Fix error parsing item elements in some regions.
  • Added itemcards for items in your inventory. You can hide individual items or disable itemcards all together in settings much like spellcards. (experimental)
  • Added statistic for setting ability scores from items such as Belt of Giant Strength and Headband of Intellect. These will ignore any other statistic increases as long as they do not exceed the value that is set by these items.
  • Added manage coins button that opens a window where you can add/remove coins, manually set the amount, and convert all coins to gold or any other currency. You can use the buy button to buy an item and this will withdraw the cost for the item(s).
  • Added resistance and immunity Condition elements. These will be used in later character sheet improvements, for now these are listed in the character information panel (and in the sheet description of the feature/item where you get them from).
  • Reduced minimum resolution of the main window to 1100 x 600. This will allow the window to be maximized even on the lower resolution 1366*768 @ 125% scale. The 100% scaling is still recommended at this low resolution.

Equipment Section

The builder now comes loaded with over 500 items such as adventuring gear, tools, magic weapons and armor, wondrous items, potions and poison, and more through custom content.

You can equip a single piece of armor, a shield in the secondary hand, and equip weapons in primary hand, secondary hand, two-handed, and two-handed (versatile). You can equip and attune all other items in any combination you want. There are no slots for these other item so you can equip two necklaces, a cloak, and fasten that cloak with a magical brooch. Also, you can wear your magic socks in your magic boots.

In the equipment section you can filter the current category based on name or keywords. You can lock the filter using the button left of the input field so that when switching categories the filter will be applied.

Magic Weapons and Armor

The way magic armor can be selected is as simple as selecting the Magic Armor category, selecting the type of armor you want, and selecting the type of magic armor you wanted that piece of armor to become. The armor in which you are proficienct will be listed as bold in the item selection list.

This also makes it easy to add new types of armor such as the Spiked Armor from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide which can be made into a +2 Spiked Armor, or Spiked Armor of Fire Resistance without any additional effort.

The maximum items you can attune to is 3 but you can also toggle the attunement on equipped items. When you are not attuned to for example Black Dragon Scale Mail it acts like a normal piece of Scale Mail and you lose the resistance to acid.

All these situations apply to magic weapons in the same way.

With the equipment secion implemented calculation of attack statistics will be added soon. More tweaks and improvements will be added in smaller patches in the coming weeks.

Patch 1.18.511

This patch includes a small fix.

  • Fix for the your character's backstory content not saving correctly.

Patch 1.18.425

This patch includes a number of fixes.

  • Fix for the experience bar not displaying the correct percentage after level 10.
  • Fix for warlock spell slots

Version 1.18.423

A new version of the Aurora Builder Preview is now available for download. This version includes a number of bugfixes, code rewrites, UI changes, and a spellcasting overhaul.

Various Improvements

  • New Character Information Slider instead of the old Information Popup
  • Added the Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) option when creating a new character. You can drag and drop the abilities around to the right place.
  • Adjustable Hit Points in the Level Up & Multiclassing slider. (character option for average hp has to be disabled)
  • Spellcasting, character sheet, and description panel overhauled, details below.
  • Added a small experience bar under the character profile.
  • You can flip the ability score with the modifier on the sheet with a setting.
  • Save Character Sheet as PDF to a location instead of automatically saving it in the characters folder.
  • You can select a deity in the 'manage' tab under the alignment selection picker. Much like the trinket, the default sheet has no area for deities but in the future there will be custom sheets that do.
  • Restore previous window size after closing the builder, including maximized state.
  • You can now click anywhere on the header of a selection picker to open or close it, previously it only worked when you clicked the arrow.
  • New splash window, just cosmetics.
  • Associate character files (*.dnd5e) with Aurora Builder and called 'Aurora Character File'.
  • Removed fillable spellcasting section now that spellcasting/preparing spells has been implemented.
  • A menu item with the name of your character at the top of the builder has some commands that apply to your character creation such as save, save character sheet, and manage character options.
  • Fixed an issue where the builder would tell you it stopped working and then continue loading anyway when loading a character.
  • When loading a custom file with an error the error message should now tell you in what file the error occurred and if possible it will tell you in what element.
  • Changed the range on ability scores from 8-15 to 3-18 to allow for easy editing when you rolled your character's statistics by hand already, this will possibly be changable with a setting in a future update.
  • Various content, description, selection rules fixes.

Character Information Slider

The old information popup is no longer displayed when you click your portrait in the builder. Instead, a new slider will open where you can view basic details of your character such as skills, saving throws, known spells, and additional statistics with breakdowns of how they are made up.

Additional statistics show for example sorcery points, sneak attack, superiority dice, and ki points. More will be added here in the future and custom content creators can mark statistics to also display here in the future.


The spellcasting section has been overhauled. No longer will you have a seperate selection picker with a long list of spells to choose from. Now you select one of your selection options at the bottom and the list above will update accordingly. You can also filter spells on name or keywords, display spells of certain schools and levels, and you can filter the list by source.

Spells now have keywords such as 'fire' added to them so that spells like burning hands or scorching ray also come up.

Each spellcasting class or archetype also gets its own tab in the magic section so you can look at their known spells. When your class allows you to prepare spells from your known spells or your spelllist you can also do that in the individual spellcasting tab. A prepared spell is marked with a green check and you can prepare or unprepare a spell by double clicking it.

In the header of the individual spellcasting tab you can find the ability your spellcaster uses, your spellcasting attack modifier, spellcasting DC, and spell slots available for your class. When you are a multiclass spellcaster you don't use your individual slots anymore to cast spells but use the multiclass spell slots instead. (the exeption being a warlock that uses pact magic)

Description Panel

The description panel has been re-written and now allows you to select the description or parts of it. When hovering the description panel with your mouse two icons will appear in the upper right corner. The left picture icon allows you to save a snapshot of the description as an image to your PC. The right microphone icon is a somewhat experimental feature that can read the description for you should your PC have a speech installed. I'm unsure if this is something that would be in the final version, any feedback on this is very welcome.

Character Sheet

The internals have been re-written to allow easier page addition to the character sheet in the future, such as a companion sheet, place for deities, trinkets, or a detailed list of class features on a single page. A spellcasting page will be added for each spellcasting class your character has with their individual spellcasting ability, attack modifier, and DC at the top.

You can flip the ability score with the modifier on the sheet with a setting and the previous formatting in the features section has been removed for this build but will return later.

Your sheet will also no longer be automatically saved in the default folder when you 'preview' it inside the builder. You can now save the sheet to a location of your choice.

Changes in spellcasting require you to re-select your spells.
Users of custom files might be required to change spellcasting classes or select rules.

Version 1.17.1209

A new version of the Aurora Builder Preview is now available for download along with the highly requested mutliclassing.


The initial implementation for mutliclassing has been added, when you meet the requirements (ability scores) you will be able to add a new class from the new 'level up & multiclassing' window. This is also the place to level up your your character classes and removing levels.

Manage Character Options

When you create a new character you enable the bundled character options or any custom character option giving you access to specific options. You can manage these options from the menu at any time. Since multiclassing isn't an actual option it's locked at the moment.


A basic implementation of the compendium has been added, search for any element (spell, invocation, feat, language, etc) from the quick search box at the top of the application. The spell compendium is still available from the magic section.

Form Fillable Sheet

You can enable a setting that allows the character sheet to be form fillable after generating it. This will allow you to edit anything on the sheet again while other features are being worked on, you will lose some formatting.

Version 1.17.1108

In this version there are general bug, UI, and content fixes.

Various Improvements

  • New UI for 'new character' added, that allows you to make some basic configurations about your character such as level and gender. Character options disabled for editing in this preview as they have yet to be fully implemented.
  • When picking the option to generate your ability scores, the array isn't implemented yet, so choose point buy instead and set your scores to the values of the array 8,10,12,13,14,15. You can still drag and drop the abilities around as before.
  • Added the 'browse' button to the portrait gallery to import your own portrait, removed the old buttons that did the same.
  • New toggle 'selection flow', which acts pretty much as an auto pilot that sends you automatically to the next required selection so you don't have to look if and where there are required selections available. You can turn this on and off in the settings or the menu/statusbar. You can also use the button to navigate to the next selection when you turn the selection flow off.
  • New toggle 'auto generate sheet' which auto updates the sheet after you make a selection. When you change text such as your character name or background story you still need to manually update your sheet at the moment.
  • First implementation of the compendium search bar at the top of the application. Currently you can only search the spells. In future builds you can search for all things loaded in the builder, from eldritch invocations, languages, and feats to potions or trinkets. This will be useful when you don't yet meet the requirement for a feat or invocation but still want to know what choices there will be or to find all spells and items that involve 'fire'.
  • Under the covers the statistics calculator was rewritten, some calculation bugs are fixed and it's now better possible to pinpoint better where statistics come from as to provide a detailed list. These details will be available in a character summery in the next build.
  • When selecting a spell or as you create/import more custom content lists can get quite long. The row height has been reduced slightly and you can now adjust the row height of items in the selection pickers in the settings should you want to make it even smaller. (small/medium/large)
  • Alignment selection picker has been moved to the manage character tab. A small green check indicates when you have made a selection.
  • You can now manually edit your background traits/ideal/bond/flaw in the manage tab. You can also select or describe your own trinket in the manage background tab. There is no dedicated spot on the default character sheet so it's only displayed in the builder fow now. Plans for more sheet options in the future.
  • Fields such as the backstory and the traits now get auto populated, you can edit them as you see fit. When you delete the custom content from the field the original assigned content gets put in again (put in an empty space if you want it to be blank for some reason). These fields are marked with a little green check when you edit such a field. So you know you have overridden some default value assigned by a selection.
  • A menubar is added to the top of the application to avoid cluttering the UI with buttons everywhere as more options and fuctions get added. Actions generally used once or twice during the use of the application such as 'new character' will be moved from a more prominent spot to the menubar. The content and order of the menubar is far from final.
  • When selecting a character in your collection a small button to delete the character will be visible. Before you had remove the character file or press the delete button (which still works).
  • Several keyboard shortcuts have been added like Ctrl+N to create a new character or Ctrl+S to save your character. Learn about them by looking in the menu.

Version 1.17.1009

In this version there are a number of performance improvements such as better loading times for characters and long selection lists such as spells. Some user interface tweaks have been added as well as new UI elements.

Various Improvements

  • New elements added and a number of fixes and corrections on existing ones
  • Various fixes for features when equipping armor or shields.
  • A number of accent colors have been added
  • New save character UI
  • New portraits gallery UI implemented with over 75 new portraits
  • New loading screens added when getting your character ready